Winter Meeting, March 2nd at Oracle State Park

Post date: Feb 16, 2015 8:19:57 PM

With our recently granted tax-exempt status and our membership base now representing over 9,200 acres in privately-held lands, 71,000 acres in leased lands associated with three ranches, 91 land-owners and 59 supporters, the LSPWA is planning its next meeting around the theme of uniting our efforts with those of agencies and conservation groups who are active in the watershed. The next meeting of the Lower San Pedro Watershed Alliance will be held at Oracle State Park on Monday, March 2, from 1 to 4 PM.

In keeping with our mission to unite agencies, groups, and individuals to protect a threatened riparian ecosystem and the watershed that supports it, our meeting will include a short presentation by Doug Peacock, the inspirational author who has maintained his connection with our region since working with Edward Abbey as the first managers

of the Aravaipa Wilderness Area (Doug said they decided to be co-managers since neither of them wanted full-time jobs). Doug says he will be talking about Abbey, climate change in the distant past and in the present, and why conservation is so important to our future.

The bulk of our agenda will focus on our mission to promote a more unified culture of conservation in the watershed, our strategic plan, current challenges (including the SunZia Transmission proposal), and our ongoing programs. An agenda and directions to the venue will be sent out prior the meeting.

Many thanks to Oracle State Park Ranger, Jennifer Rinio, for making this venue available and offering her volunteer services to open the Park to us beyond the limited weekend hours that are a result of cuts to our State Park system.